Dry Wall Partitioning

Dry Wall Partitioning

Reworking the interior of your office spaces is not always practical or even affordable, but in many cases, it is a necessity.

Dry wall partitioning provides the ideal solution to this need, providing an approach to segmenting office space and creating privacy within them. It is quick to install, cost-effective and durable.

What is Dry Wall Partitioning?

Dry wall is also called plasterboard or gypsum board. These panels are frequently used in both office spaces and homes as a cost-effective means of partitioning their interior spaces. Because of their cost and convenience when installing, they are fast replacing lath and plaster.

There are a few different types of dry walling that you can choose from, including:

  • Drylining Systems
  • Interior Partitions
  • Performance Drywalls
  • Wet Area Drywalls

The use of an application of these types will depend on your needs and desired outcomes.

What are the Benefits of Dry Wall Partitioning?

There are a number of benefits to utilising drywall in your working and living areas:

  • Installation is quick and simple;
  • Drywall is durable, lightweight and flexible in its application;
  • Drywall acts as an excellent sound insulator is fire resistant and facilitates better thermal control;
  • Drywall can be painted and customised as you see fit;
  • Drywall is cost-effective.

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